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Dreams Are Real 013: Deja Vu

For years I've dreamt of a place that I thought was a basement.  Let me explain.  I have places that I dream about that repeat themselves.  There's the forest and the Mansion, the weird old house that's supposed to be my Grandparent's, It has a secret room through the closet.  There's the "basement", the factory, and a few others that repeat themselves.

So I've been dreaming of this "basement" with red floor and bunks, and all sorts of passageways.  I think I've made it up, come to find out it exists.  Not only that, it's a battleship. 

I made a quick trip to MA this weekend.  My Mother had her knee replaced and needed some reiki and help around the house.  As it turned out, what she needed more than any help was just some alone time to rest, stay off the knee, and get some sleep.  My Father took me and the most wonderful kid in the world Hunter, to Battleship Cove. 

Battleship Cove houses the USS Massachusetts BB-59 or "Big Mamie" as the boys used to call her.  She was used during World War II.  It is believed that she may have fired the US Navy's first and last 16 in (410 mm) shells of the war.  We first headed into the guns and poked around a bit.  I was intrigued by how much there was to know, even in the small space inside the gun. But it wasn't until we explored the inside that everything fell into place. 

The moment I saw the canvas beds, I knew I had stepped right out of reality and into a dream.  I took crazy amounts of pictures as I followed my Father throughout the ship.  He wondered why I was so fascinated with the beds.  But there I was standing in the middle of a place I've dreamt of for years.  I was so inspired by everything I think I may do some pieces inspired by the photographs I shot.  It's a strange, strange world out there my darlings.  Sometimes you dream of places that were born before you were.  Sometimes the spirits of those places follow you home.