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Pimp My Artwork 078: All The Pretty Things

It's been a busy month for me here at the Secret Strega House. The "Zombie" opening at Last Rites was incredible. And now I'm on to three new exciting projects. More will be revealed as time goes on.  I just finished the maquette for one of the "Snow on the Roses" altars. Now onto bigger life size altars, yes darlings, it's time for me to expand. The recent eclipses brought many endings but many more opportunities. I'm curious to see how it all unfolds. Below is a video of the altar. Please pardon it's appearance.

This is the back of the altar. You can't see it but often I find it's important to finish a piece fully, no matter what is seen or unseen.

I've also been working on custom pieces. This is a box I did for Chelsea G. Summer's mother for her 70th birthday. It was really amazing to paint and I loved every moment.

And last but not least I did a piece for SHERBET a fantastic comic both online and in book for. Click the link and follow on tumblr for more updates. I used my friend Robin LeBlanc as my model for Sherbet.



Pimp My Artwork 073: Naga Kanya

This new box was for Mani the Uncanny. The box was made from African Mahogany by Duho Studios. Whenever I start a box I'm usually flooded with images of what should be places on it. Sometimes they come like whispers and other times it's blatant. As I started to paint the base images of snakes kept emerging.  Since the year of the snake is approaching I asked Mani if she was okay with snake imagery. She was and I remembered a piece she had given me to put onto the box, a Medusa head. As I started the aging process on the piece a Goddess I was not familiar with kept popping into my head. She was part snake part woman. Her name, Naga Kanya: She brings blessings of wealth, prosperity, friendship, good relationships, love, romance, sex, spiritual & astral growth, spiritual & astral enlightenment and general well-being & attracting good opportunities as well as providing protection.

The cobra symbol on the side denotes transformation and alertness.  The snake is also symbolizes abundance.


Pimp My Artwork 070: Custom Box Yemaya


Pimp My Artwork 060: Fortuna's Box

A box for the adored Molly Crabapple.  A Lakshmi and Fortuna infusion, featuring the Wheel of Fortune, the hand of Fatima, and the most sacred honeysuckle.  I listened to Lakshmi and Kubera prosperity chants while I mixed absinthe colored paints on my palette. The box took about 5 days to paint.  I use a series of glazes and aging techniques, so between the drying of the glazes and aging the box it does take a few days, which is torturous to an impatient person such as myself.  Those moments are best for chanting. You can purchase your own custom box right here.

This Kubera chant was really amazing to work to.  One of my favorites with it's strong beat I found myself chanting along to it.


Pimp My Artwork 057: Box of Secrets

A long long time ago in land far far away a photographer named Balthazar used his magical texting machine to send a secret message to the Mistress of Magic.  It simply said, "I need a box for my secrets." And so began the search for a perfect little box to hold all the sexiest most bewitching of secrets.

I told Balthazar I had found the perfect box and then I stopped communicating.  You see I couldn't do that with anyone else but him.  I knew he would understand that a secret box would need a secret sketch.  And only once the first figure went down could I show him what the box contained.  One fine morning he awoke to this:

"Here is a snippet." I wrote.

And just a week or two later he received this:

From there the work went fast and I knew the time was near for our box to be tucked away safely and shipped.  I added a special little piece and wrote Balthazar a note. 

On the top of the box, a very special key.  I will not tell you the secret behind the key.  And I filled the box with little things, special mementos.


Won't you send some secrets of your own?


P.O. Box 376
Madison, WI 53701-0376

All photos by Balthazar except for works in progress.