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Crosses Palm With Silver 031: Beneath the Half Moon Classes & Circles

As of the New Moon Beneath the Half Moon is full on.  I'll be posting courses and circles as they arise.  The Autumn Equinox and Fall in general is such a magical time.  The scent of the air changes, the wind blows a little differently and the veils are just that much thinner.  Mty partner Sherene and I have been hard at work creating all sorts of amazing classes that will push you to that next level in your spiritual development. 


We are excited to offer a brand new online tarot course.  For anyone who doesn't live in NYC, or that person with a hectic schedule that can't make the workshops but wants to learn tarot, this course is for you. 

The class is set up to give you an overview and symbolism of the classic Rider-Waite deck, the archetypal or psychological significance, divinitory and reversed meanings, planetary correlates, celebrity archetypes, and a suggested playlist.  It also includes a custom meditation that can be listened to at any time. 

You will receive a podcast and a pdf of the transcribed podcast.  That way if you are the studious type, you can read through and if you’re on the run, just download into itunes and listen as you go. 

Class prices are as follows:

$500 for the entire deck.  78 pdfs and 78 podcasts with 78 custom meditations.  This is an intense course and you will be working with each card for two weeks to really get the meaning of it and its essence.  This class also comes with a podcast introduction to help you choose a deck and learn layouts.

 $10 Per Card option.  Say you are learning the tarot and a few cards are really stumping you.  This pay as you go option allows you to pick and choose as the cards are being offered.  You will receive both the podcast and the pdf.


We will be holding a circle at 9pm next Tuesday October 11.

Rituals to balance the Aries-Libra polarity

Meditation to keep us in the sweet zone of Libra without losing the fierce, firebrand essence of Aries. The immediacy of action balanced by the slow, deliberate weighing of karmic consequences of Libra (especially while Saturn finishes his tour of the sign) will be explored in a ritualistic setting.

Bring your journals.

Relationships will be a key theme —and how they mirror our relationship to ourself.

Beneath the Half Moon

299 w. 12th st


between 8th ave and Hudson




Join us  Saturday November 5th from 12-5 pm

and  November 6th: 1-3pm

Opening up your psychic abilities.

We will be working with secret, and quite ancient but accessible metaphysical tools to open up to different levels of perception. You will learn how to channel: communicate with spirit guides, archangels and ancestors. $175

There will be an Day of the Dead ritual after the workshop.



Automatic Writing

Meditation techniques to communicate with spirit

Group Work

Beneath the Half Moon

299 w. 12th street

between 8th and Hudson