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How To 011: How To Cope When Good Ideas Fail

About a month ago I sent out a mass email announcing I'd be doing another 40 day project. I would be immersing myself in tarot and painting as many cards as I could in that time period.  Well, it didn't quite work out that way. Instead of me hermiting away and painting for 40 days straight, it became the busiest and most social time of my life.  All of a sudden I was working more events than ever, trying to paint private commissions, and having guests from out of town almost every night of the week.  My dreams of locking myself away were shattered. But out of it I learned a very valuable lesson: Sometimes life gets in the way of your good ideas. Sometimes a paying work will push aside good intentions.  Just go with it.

How To Cope:

1. Accept the project or idea isn't going to happen.

2. If it's an idea you feel strongly about make a plan and schedule for it to happen at another time.

3. Move on.  There's other things that need to be done.

4. Remember this is probably more important to you than it is to others.  Go easy on yourself.

5. Keep creating, even if it's in bits and pieces. It will come together eventually.