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Killin' It 075: Dancing with O'Death

Just in time for the Holidays! Well the spooky ones at least.  My article on O'Death and storytelling through music went live last night on the Coilhouse blog. Click the image to read the blog.



En Gypsy Couture 018: The Writing Mines

I've been in the writing mines for the past few weeks.  Each tarot card has a story to tell and I'm here at my trusty computer taking all of it down.  So here's a little update on the things I've been doing in between.

Coilhouse had their Black and White and Red All Over fundraiser.  Photo by Steve Prue.

Molly Crabapple's Week In Hell came and went quickly and my beloved friend covered 270 feet of wall herself.  My friend Robin Grearson wrote a lovely article on it over at Curbs & Stoops.  Photos by Steve Prue.

Molly included me in her 66 project a few months back which can be viewed here.

Gabby Young came to town and played the Gypsy Fest.  The show was gorgeous and Gabby, Kai, Zina and I had a blast afterward.  The next day Gabby and I gallavanted around the East Village drinking coffee and chai, exploring thriftshops, and sitting in secret gardens.  Sxip joined us later for coffee at one of my favorite cafes in the city.  Gabby and I plotted some new secret plans.  Will announce them soon.

Also Gabby is rereleasing "Song for Japan" to help raise more money for those in need after the earthquake.  It's only £0.79 and I did the cover art.  Click the image to get to the itunes page.

You can also purchase the original through my etsy store here.

I'll be back soon with more tarot and some new updates. x to the o


The Caravan 12: Nuetra Face: An Ode to a Typeface

Read the full article on Coilhouse