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Killin' It 060: Bushwick Daily Veng RWK & KVF

I recently was paired up with Veng RWK for a collaborative art exhibition for Curbs and Stoops and Bushwick Daily during Bushwick Open Studios.  Exhibit on view through July 3 at Curbs and Stoops, 566 Johnson 1-7pm or per appointment.  Click the image to be taken to the article.


KIllin' It 058: Bushwick Open Studios

Thanks to Bushwick Daily and Curbs and Stoops I'll be showing a piece during Bushwick Open Studios.  Come see my piece on Veng RWK and say hello. is a popular photo‐inspired blog based in one of the World’s
most fascinating and inspiring neighborhoods. We are celebrating Bushwick and its
vibrant art scene, industrial tenderness, art hidden in warehouses, and the people
who create.

Every Tuesday, the blog brings a photo‐feature about an interesting Bushwick based
person or a person with strong Bushwick ties. Our goal is to introduce the members
of the community to each other, and through telling their story, enhance inspiration
and collaboration among people of all kinds.

Tuesday People are coming now together to talk about each other in their own
creative language and media. Painters, writers, musicians, photographers, sculptors,
fashion illustrators, psychics and more… We paired them up and let them create
something about each other. Come and check out this surprising, interactive, and
community driven show based in a studio at Curbs & Stoops.

Curbs & Stoops Active Space is a progressive cultural center in the quickly growing
community of Bushwick, Brooklyn. 18,000 square foot warehouse used to be a
feather factory serves now as an exhibition space, artist studios with an artist
residency program, and a seat to an art accessibility think‐tank Curbs & Stoops. The
Active Space opened its door on Norte Maar's Beat Nite on February 18th, 2011.
This will be its second exhibition.

Andrew Birk, Axel Dupeux, Katelan Foisy, Ryan Ford, Rafael Fuchs, Richard Haines,
Mary Judge, James Marshall, Lena Marquise, Alicia Papanek, Frank Rathbone, Tescia
Seufferlein, Allison Somers, Jackie Summers, Ari Sneider, Linda Thach, Veng RWK,
Jason Zucker

Katarina Hybenova

Conceptual Development:
Lena Marquise

Pre-Opening Party Friday June 3, 7pm-10pm
Beverages provided by DogFishHead Craft Ales
On View June 3-5, 2011
Curbs & Stoops Active Space (
566 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY


Killin' It 054: Queen of Wands on Bushwick Daily

Katarína Hybenová wrote a beautiful article on me, the tarot, and Blood and Pudding on Bushwick Daily.  It's pure magic.

They say you shouldn’t read tarot for yourself. It gets confusing and your own hopes and desires get in the way. Some even say you can go mad if you do it. Katelan Foisy–descendant of gypsies, psychic, artist, writer and drug-prevention activist–never reads for herself, either. It gets all blurry, she says. So I did it.




Killin' It: Fireside Follies & Bushwick Daily

Photo by Emily Poole

Last night I read from Blood and Pudding publicly for the last time. For now on the only time you'll be able to hear it live will be in association with the Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction activism. And that's almost exactly how I announced it as well.  You see, it's funny how this world works.  A few days ago I received an email from an author I read with just two weeks ago at Red Umbrella Diaries.  As it turns out, she knew Brian.  She grew up with him, and we shared memories over email.  She was happy that I had written about him, that he was forever alive and documented with words, that someone loved him enough to write about him.  These are the moments that make what you do worth it.  It's the connections, the people you meet through those shared experiences.  I told the audience that story before swiftly switching to the car ride.  Yes, I wore the red velvet dress.  And yes I announced that I was wearing it.  I read about Holly's death, her funeral and I was sure I would cry.  My practice runs throughout the day had turned downright disastrous.  *Note to self: Do not listen to The Cure on repeat all day*  To my surprise.  It flowed evenly and my voice did not quiver or break.  I ended on a lighter note with a story of 42nd st peep shows and a NYC that was just starting to clean itself up.

Photo by Emily Poole

Afterward I ran into my friend Maria.  Maria is an amazing events coordinator at Barnes & Noble.  We spoke briefly.  "What you are doing right now is really important." And I nod my head because I know what's happening is so much bigger than me.  So many people have no idea the Needle Exchange even exists, and if they do, most think it will bring addicts into their city.  You have to remind yourself and them sometimes.  No one ever dreams of being a junky when they grow up. 

Katarína Hybenová just posted this wonderful article on Bushwick Daily about the event.  Click the image for the full article. 

Fireside Follies #3 was a wonderful way to end the year. Thank you to everyone who came out to support myself and the other performers. And of course thank you to Eric Nelson and Mike Lala for being the brilliant masterminds behind it.

I saw this on Gala Darling's site this morning and thought: "Yes, that's about right."

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realised it sooner.”