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En Gypsy Couture 07: La Vie Boheme

A lot of people lately have been interested in seeing my living space. We'll start with part of my bedroom, pink walls and all. 

Gala recently asked the question, "do you reflect radical self love in the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you decorate your house, the work you do?"  Of course this made me think of who we are as people, how we treat ourselves, see ourselves and put ourselves out there in this world.  It made me think of one of my favorite designers Betsey Johnson and how her clothing, house, stores, and personality are completely her.  She has never held back.  I've always admired her for that, so when I attended her birthday bash last year, my heart welled up with joy when she said, "you have great style.  It's so you, I feel your essense."  I spent years living in apartments with plain white walls, very little art, and strange restrictions.  I've also had jobs where I couldn't be the person I wanted to be, dress the way I wanted to dress, and probably the worst was that those very jobs didn't reflect who I was at all.  Frankly, at that time I don't think I reflected who I was at all.  So as any girl does, I dyed my hair blond and painted my walls green.  And for a while it was okay.  That was until I decided I still wasn't happy with my life, dyed my hair black, became a pinup model, started doing gallery shows, joined forces with Constellation, and  became the person I really felt that I was. 

Around this time my walls magically became pink and white, and the gilded gold furniture came almost immediately after.  Once I became comfortable in my own skin, the world started opening it's doors.  And each year that passes gets better and better. Some people would call this branding oneself and as human beings we should know ourselves and better yet like/love ourselves.  So here is my my dresser, filled with items given to me by amazing people, and some items that I found or bought myself.  Everything I own is special to me, every feather, bone, or barrette has meaning.  I'm getting together reference for the Rogue of Cups this evening after an uneventful day of feeling under the weather.  And now onward to pictures of the Caravan.

A special thank you to Miss Lisa Wunder for the vintage red dress and to my partner in crime Sherene Schostak for the Betsey Johnson necklace.