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Dreams Are Real 041: Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me!  Last night my housemate Melissa Dowell and I celebrated our birthdays at Molly Crabapple and Fred Harper's studio.  Mine is May 16th and hers is May 18th so it's a double Taurus extravaganza! Here's a few pics from the night. Photos by the magnificent Steve Prue, who will forever be invited to all the parties.

Cropped version of me, Stoya, and Melissa with Nick Schmidt in the background

Zina Brown, Nicholas Schmidt, Veronica Varlow, Larisa Fuchs, Kai Altair, Burke Heffner

Veronica Varlow and Burke Heffner

Me and Shahriar Shadab

Me and David Rogers-Berry

Lauren Goldberg, Zelda Devon, Laurie Penny

Samantha Levin, Veronica Varlow, Larisa Fuchs

Kurt Huggins and Melissa Dowell

Nicole Aptekar, Keith Jenson, Melissa Dowell

Stoya and Fred Harper

Jen Dziura and Molly Crabapple by Esther Westwood

John S. Hall and Esther Westwood by James Lake

John S. Hall, David Rogers Berry, Julia Jackson, Jen Dziura, and Molly Crabapple by Esther Westwood

Jesse Scheidlower, Larisa Fuchs, Steve Prue, and Burke Heffner by Esther Westwood

Yao Xio and Rebecca Memoli by Esther Westwood

Shahriar Shadab and James Lake by Esther Westwood

Kurt Huggins, Shahriar Shadab, me, and James Lake by Esther Westwood