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En Gypsy Couture 10: What The Baron Says Goes

I was recently asked to create a veve painting of Papa Ghede who is the counterpart to Baron Samedi for my friend Maria Alexander. I love Maria and I love her writing so I was incredibly honored to do this for her. This was my first veve painting and I wasn't quite sure how to go about it but I knew the Baron wanted me to do it.  Papa Ghede is tricky you see, he can get you to do exactly what he pleases without much twisting of the arm.  I knew painting the veve wouldn't be easy.  They may look easy but there's a lot involved in them, that and Papa there wanted a few things incorporated into it.  Papa is one that likes his rum, especially when there's chilis in it.  I can't handle the chilis too much so I had to take it easy on that one.  For every layer of paint I gave an offering of rum. In the paint I mixed chilis and tobacco, the brown you see on the edges is coffee both the grounds and actual coffee, that I used as paint, and over every layer of offerings I coated it with glaze to seal it in. And for every round of offerings I dressed in white.


Spirits for the Baron from Katelan Foisy on Vimeo.