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Pimp My Artwork 057: Box of Secrets

A long long time ago in land far far away a photographer named Balthazar used his magical texting machine to send a secret message to the Mistress of Magic.  It simply said, "I need a box for my secrets." And so began the search for a perfect little box to hold all the sexiest most bewitching of secrets.

I told Balthazar I had found the perfect box and then I stopped communicating.  You see I couldn't do that with anyone else but him.  I knew he would understand that a secret box would need a secret sketch.  And only once the first figure went down could I show him what the box contained.  One fine morning he awoke to this:

"Here is a snippet." I wrote.

And just a week or two later he received this:

From there the work went fast and I knew the time was near for our box to be tucked away safely and shipped.  I added a special little piece and wrote Balthazar a note. 

On the top of the box, a very special key.  I will not tell you the secret behind the key.  And I filled the box with little things, special mementos.


Won't you send some secrets of your own?


P.O. Box 376
Madison, WI 53701-0376

All photos by Balthazar except for works in progress.


Killin' It 056: GQ Italia & Fairytale Vegas

A few days ago I found out some images of me taken by Balthazar were featured by GQ Italia.  I'm completely excited and honored.  The images are NSFW.  Click the image to go to the link. Poetry by Mike Lala.

Lauren Goldberg of Fairytale Vegas took this image of me a little while back. I love the way it came out.


Killin' It 043: TEDxNASA - La Gitana Art & Rita J. King

My "La Gitana" art is featured in Rita J. King's brilliant talk for TEDxNASA on creativity and design of identity and community.  In it she talks about LOVELAND a project in which she owns 1000 inches in an augmented reality neighborhood in Detroit and a correspondance with Balthazar from his request a letter page.  Be sure and check out her wonderful interview in the Huffington Post by Jason Silva.


Dreams Are Real 022: New York Stories 02

This is a tale of one of the last hourly hotels in Time Square, of a story only told by photographs, and pen to flesh.  It's a story of a poet and a model. Photograph by Balthazar in The Elk Hotel.

More coming soon...