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Killin' It 084: Skylight Gallery

If you haven't seen my Hoodoo cabinet "Le Grand Zombi" or "Amy Winehouse" altar piece in person here is your chance. I'm part of a group show curated by Samantha Levin at Skylight gallery. This show will be up from 9/5 until 10/19 at Skylight Gallery, 538 West 29th Street, 2nd floor. Hours are Thursday nights, 6-9, Saturdays 11-6 and by appointment. Facebook invite can be found here.


Pimp My Artwork 049: RIP Amy Winehouse

I found out Amy died through twitter.  These days I get most of my news from links on twitter.  I didn't believe it.  I googled it, it was true.  My heart sank.  Amy was one of the true talents out there.  I was really rooting for her recovery and hoping she would make a new album.  Jess Tilley texted me later that night.  "I can't believe she's gone." and there were other texts and calls, all from former addicts.  Everyone was feeling it, her presence was strong.  "She was really special." A friend whispered into the phone. 

Sheryl wrote me the next day right as the same time as I was entertaining thoughts of a new painting.  "I had this dream you painted Amy and it captured her essence so perfectly.  You really ought to do this painting." Two other messages from different friends came in, all saying the same thing.  I looked around the house for what to paint on.  My eyes were drawn to a table my neighbor had given me.  "Perfect." and I started to work. Twenty-four hours later I had my piece.


First part of the painting, collaging together half a face and part of a body then drawing and painting in the rest.

Qpi and I went feral for a full 24 hours and lived in our own paint and filth.

Painting starts to take shape, background to crackle is layered on.

Crackling starts and details in cold laid down.

Close up of crackle and candles.

Painting the flowers.

With first layer of glaze.

Close up of flowers.

Close up of face.