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Killin' It 011: The Dolly Sisters

Yesterday I shot with the lovely Dolly Sisters pin-up group.  Here's a group shot by one of my favorite photographers to work with, Vlad Kenner, in Beauty Bar.  For more images you can check the modeling section of the site.  I'll posting more in a few days.  In the meantime click the pic to go to the Dolly's for Troops page where we are planning on sending hot pin-up playing cards to the troops.  Check out the girls and donate!


Pimp My Artwork 014: Molly Crabapple as the High Priestess

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with Molly explaining a dream I had just had where the High Priestess card had taken shape in the woods.  I planned on painting it that way, but as with all the cards, sometimes they give you and idea and then they shape themselves.  I just received a question of formspring today asking about this very process.  Seems all my questions as of late have pertained to some major area of my life or the lives of those close to me.  This of course is the High Priestesses message, that we will get the answers in time.  Never try to force anything or go against your true self.  Your creations will manifest the way they are supposed to, which brings me to my next topic.  As our High Priestess in this deck is Molly, I think it's a splendid time to offer her a huge congratulations on raising the money for SketchyCon in just 9.5 hours.  You can still donate as all funds will go to making SketchyCon as fabulous as ever and support a wonderful cause.  Congratulations Molly.  You deserved it.


Crosses Palm With Silver 10: Full Moon Circle

Full Moon Circle this Saturday night at the Edgar Cayce Center 7-9 p.m.  Circle will be lead by me and my most fabulous partner in all things spiritual Sherene Schostak.

  • Full moon in Leo
  • Embodying the archetype of Strength
  • Fear vs. Love
  • Putting your head in the lion's mouth and risking it all for love.

By donation: Half of proceeds go to benefit the people of Haiti

241 West 30th Street 2nd fl. Buzz 102
New York, NY 10001
(212) 691-7690



Pimp My Artwork 013: Kylie Ireland for Pornsaints

My piece of Kylie Ireland (NSFW) is up on the Pornsaints website.  Kylie is an amazing person, a fantastic photographer, and someone who has enriched my life immensely.  I am so honored to be showing this piece at the upcoming Pornsaints show in Austin Texas this March.  Kylie was wonderful enough to share her beautiful photography with me which I incorporated into the image.  Kylie has an amazing eye for strange angles and old signs that speak of forgotten places and times.  One day maybe we'll get to dress in our best velvet dresses and roadtrip through the country making art and taking pictures.  One can dream, can't they?


Constellation 07: Aquarius/Pisces issue out now!

Divination and Dreamscapes: Interviews with the enchantress of the Netherworld, Jill Tracy, astrologer Kelly Lee Phipps, "Love Alchemist" Jessica Shepherd, author Susan Shapiro, tarotscopes, Dr. Mitchell Gibson, photography by Mr. Nightshade/The Blight, Christina Labey, and Irina Adam, and more...

We also have some new posts up on the Constellation blog.