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Dreams Are Real 04: The Symbel 

A little ritual to see how far you've come in one years time.  It makes you grateful for what you have and what your striving for.

Dedication Round:

I dedicate 2010 to Oshun.  Orisha of beauty, love,money, creativity, and art.  That's what I want this year.  No more drama, just a lot of creativity, beauty, and love.  Oh yes, and money would be really nice.  I would like some money too.  Oh don't give me that look.  You'd like some money too.


Bragging Round:

-Constellation went to print.  We've had some amazing people grace our covers and I am so super excited for what the next year will bring!  Thank you to Molly Crabapple, Jeniviva D'espinet, Lenora Claire, Reverend Billy, Amanda Palmer, and Dame Darcy!  2010 brings our fabulous one year in print cover which will be the glorious Jill Tracy!

Also met Betsey Johnson and went to her birthday party where she said that I had a great sence of style!  That made my year right there.

-Started Knickerbocker Circus Publishing with Emily Poole and Drusilla Osborne.  We signed our first authors Eric Nelson and Anya Kless and published our first book They Be We.  We'll have at least 3 new titles coming out within the next year including my own memoir. It's a scary step for me as I wasn't sure if I even wanted it to come out but necessary.  We also held our first social experiment by bringing typewriters into the Mars Bar.

-The Gallery shows have been non-stop this year with more to come next year.  Anno Domini, Behr-Thyssen, Museum of Contemporary Art DC, Soulard Art Market, Laconia Gallery, Antena Gallery, MODA, Chicago Art Source Gallery, and Gallery 5 (twice)

-Beneath the Half Moon was born this year and our classes have already started.  It's amazing to teach courses with my partner in all things spiritual, Sherene Schostak.  Super excited to be writing the manual for the book and working with so many wonderful, brilliant people.

-Attended so many amazing events and met so many wonderful people, The sex bloggers calendar release party, vintage belly dance, Life Inc/Smith Mag party, The Radar Party, 50 Cent, Ron English opening dressed as cathy cowgirl, Royal Flush film festival and party, Bob Coulter's fabulous birthday party, and so many more but my brain is overloaded at the moment.

-Went through a tremedous heart break and lived through it. There were many sad factors in this. Out of it though was the best rebound gift ever.  My Hollywood super dream crush of many years asked me out.  He lives in LA.  It didn't work out but it was really nice to know that he liked me too. He directed and acted in my favorite film ever.  I owe huge thank you's to Warren, Lenora, my housemate,Sherene, Kathleen, and everyone who reached out to me at that time.  I love you.

-Joining wonderful collectives like Swimming Cities & The Blood Dumpster.

-Seeing my friends get movie deals, mega press, and all the attention they deserve because they are brilliant.  I'm really blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people I call friends.

-Seeing productions like American Tea Opera and Lonesome Liz's Mojo Sideshow go from ideas to shows.  I'm really happy to have played a part in it.  I also saw Francesco D'Isa (Pornsaints) launch a clothing line.

-Worked with some awesome photographers like Joseph W. Carey (Stark-Arts) and Vlad Kenner, not to mention the wonderful photographers associated with the Dolly Sisters pinup group.  I also met Mockingbird Girl this year who is the most wonderful person in the world.

-Launched this website.


Oath Round:

This year I'm working on being more organized and creating as much as possible.

Lowering the salt and sugar intake.

Getting my tarot deck published.

Traveling to the UK in May for business and pleasure.

There's a lot of good things already forming.  Seeds have been planted and I await the little sprouts.  Some have already been sprouting.  I feel good things for 2010 even if it is a lunar eclipse during Merc and Mars retrograde.


I'll try to post a year in pictures but my schedule is a little packed right now.  Thank you to everyone, my family, my fans, my friends, I love you all.

x to the o,


Feel free to share your own Symbel's with me.  You can either comment here, leave a link to your blog, or email me privately at




Dreams Are Real 03: 50 Cent 

Ever have those moments that make you feel like everything is falling into place?  Last night was a private 50 Cent show in the PC Richards & Son theater in Tribecca.  Special thanks to Tet who invited us and was filmed the event beautifully, as well as taking swell iphone photos.  Sherene and I tried to take some iphone footage as well as well but we were so close to the stage & sound system it just sounds like a jumbled mess. We can also only take photos that end in blurr.  We are special like that.  It's all about mood right? And if you are wondering, the camera does not do 50 justice.  That man has a sparkle in his eye that can only be truly appreciated up close and in person.  He glows & is so charming.  I love my life right now, and I am so appreciative of my friends and all the people who make this crazy dream of a life a reality.  I love you!  We'll post more on the Constellation blog once I get into MA.  Happy Holidays mis amigos.

50 before the show.  Tet's photo, I just poladroided it.

The mirror in back.


Pimp My Artwork 011: What Goes In A Painting?

Took a couple reference shots last night for my new Pomba Gira painting.  I ended up using the face and arms and then using the body of an old photograph of me.  I usually take most of my reference shots myself.  A timer is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  This is still very much in progress and in the sketch phase.  Since I mainly do mixed media and collage I tend to make my sketches on the computers.  Print out different parts of the the sketches as well as the photos and collage them together leaving out certain parts to be drawn back in. Sometimes I will print out 6 or 7 different versions of the sketch at different sizes just so I can play around. I'll post more in progress shots as I go on but this is the basic first phase of a layout.I still haven't added the cigarette holder, the smoke & the bottles of alcohol but here are a few images of the reference shot, the inspiring images and the very early stages of the sketch.

We are in Mars retrograde right now which makes it hard to hold back.  Although it is a good time to speak your mind, it's a hard time to get projects rolling.  Basically the theme of a Mars retrograde is "Don't point that loaded gun at yourself".  Mars is a planet I feel very connected to.  My Mars is in Taurus and that's my rising sign as well.  What does it mean?  It means I'm a perfectionist.  Oh yes, a perfectionist indeed.  It also means I hold grudges, so ladies and gentlemen, do not get on my bad side.  Hahaha.  Mars is also Eleggua's (Orisha of the crossroads) planet as well as a planet associated with the sign Aries (which my Venus is in).  So I am very fond of Mars indeed.  I also like Mars Bars even though they have nothing to do with any of this.  I digress, Mars retrograde is the perfect time to work on the Pomba Gira.  Why?  Pomba Gira is associated with Mars as well.  In Brazilian Candomble she is the female counterpart to Eshu (along with Eleggua).  she in turn personifies female beauty, sexuality, and desire. Pomba Gira is viewed as a beautiful woman who is insatiable. She is venerated with great respect and care, as her her wrath can be firm and strong. Pomba Gira is often invoked by those who seek aid in love.  But don't go running off to work with the Pomba Gira just yet, as stated above her wrath can be devastating.  She is tit for tat and makes sure she collects what is owed to her.

And this is how a collage begins to get made.  I like to plan out ahead of time what will be done.  But sometimes, just sometimes the pieces create themselves.  I'm looking forward to adding the rest and tearing this baby up.

x to the o,





Pimp My Artwork 010: The Death Card

As you all know Sherene Schostak is my life partner in crime.  She's also a Scorpio and being that the Death card is the Scorpio archetype it seemed a perfect choice to use her.  I'm also thinking that during this process I was secretly channeling Salome.  Scorpio's traditional animal connections are scorpion, salamander, and eagle but in this card the crow and butterfly really came through as the bringers of death and rebirth.

The Death card signifies transformation.  The end of a time that no longer serves you is here. It may be challenging and hard to let go of but the transition is necessary to personal growth and happiness.  The Death card indicates this transition from lowest to grounded to highest. This card brings humility, and  indicates the Querent the querent being brought to a dark time in their lives so that through it they can see the light and conquer the storm.  You cannot find the light without first heading though the darkness. 


The Caravan 013: Big Fat Fanny

My friend Francesco D'Isa just launched his fabulous new fashion line Big Fat Fanny.  I can't wait to get me hands on a few of these.  Click the image to check out more of these great designs.