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Crosses Palm With Silver: Pre-Register Palmistry & Physiognomy Course

  • Learn how to read the palm and face

  • Strengthen your sense of detail

  • Simple systems and exercises for remembering what to look for

  • Learn to read palms and faces without relying on books

  • Create confidence in readings


This course is a video program that allows you the freedom to learn and explore on your own time. It includes a hour long video discussing techniques and tricks and download of original drawings, writings, and helpful notes compiled and sent straight to you. Plus I will answer any questions that may arise. You will also receive an additional download of the Palmistry color print featured above. You can take as little or as much time as you need to learn these techniques

There are no tests or grades for this course, it is a set of tools to help create the path that works best for you.



 Some images from my notebook for the palmistry part of the course.

Price: $180

Start Date: September 15


What You Need:

Your hand, your friend's hands, and I supply some pictures of hands too!

A journal to document your findings.


How The Course Works:

You will be given a link and a password to the video lecture. Watch it at your leisure. You will also be sent a pdf with drawings, charts, and tips to help you learn to read the palm and face.You can also print out the palmistry poster for a quick guide at any time.

I will also have a secret password protected page with the video and info from the pdf on it.


Terms And Conditions:

Students must acknowledge my copyright of the videos and information booklet and must agree to not copy the material in any medium, including paper, audio, or any electronic methods of reproduction, and not to give their their passwords, share links or booklets in any form. Any student that is found doing this will be expelled.

Students will be given a student number. This allows me to keep track of new and ongoing students.

Payment plans available. Drop me a line

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