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Pimp My Artwork 043: Ace of Wands

I'm finding it interesting that as I paint each card, I either learn something about myself, let something go, or completely manifest the meaning.  It happened again as I lay paint to paper for the Ace of Wands.

My friend Sheryl lives in that little village that I adore.  You know, the one with the steam train.  Well, Sheryl is great at reading cards and we've done a few readings for each other when I've been visiting.  Recently I asked her to do a reading for me.  I had, had a lot of intense lessons as of late and I felt that something was shifting.  I also don't do readings for myself.  I find the cards simply go blank for me if I do and it's like looking at white blank pieces of paper.

So Sheryl read for me and what she said was quite true.  I'm giving you a very basic version but you will get the gist of it.  I needed to regroup.  I needed to get back out in front of an audience.  My projects involving other people would do extremely well and there was one business opportunity coming that I should not rush, enjoy the process and realize it was healing me.  Now again, this version I am giving you is very watered down.  Readings you see are very personal and can go deep into a lot of things.  But there was a spark of energy in that reading, a guiding light and well, as I started to paint this card I felt it.

It wasn't supposed to storm that day but as I started to lay down that stormy sky the rain started to pour and well, I had already dipped my brush in grey paint.  I had thought about using doorways to represent the aces but the image of a typewriter would not leave my mind.  I've always thought typewriters were rather magical.  In the time of manuals you really had to want to be a writer as they were so hard to use.  The force of fingers on keys makes me think about how easy we have it these days.

The ace of wands is all about following your intuition and working toward your goals with passion.  Wands represent will, spirit, and drive.  The ace of wands is like being given a seed. It is a seed you must care for and nurture in order for it to grow. You must have the will, the intuition, and the passion for it to bloom.  But most of all you must trust in yourself and know that you have the power to make it happen.

A very special thank you to Jim Shirey who has been lending me his gorgeous flower images to use in the cards.

I listened to a lot of O'death during the making of this card.  The album Outside seems to have the same energy. 


O'Death - Bugs by cityslang

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