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Knickerbocker Circus 08: Blood & Pudding Pre-Orders

So it's almost here!  I've blogged about it a few times, posted up some old photographs, and given you bits and pieces from my life.  You can read some of the back entries about it here.  Blood & Pudding is about to be released and I'm nervous as hell. Imagine taking all your journals that you never let anyone read, all your letters, and innermost secrets, and throwing them out into the world.  It's almost like ripping yourself open and saying, "Go on, have look and feel free to poke around if you'd like."  But I'm tired of secrets, I'm tired of living two separate lives.  I'm just one girl you see, one girl that needed to document it all, frenzied, drugged, and sleep deprived, documenting it all.  Holly and Brian may have died, but I'm still here.  And I have proof that we existed.  Because in the end, everybody always wants to be remembered.

Here is a breakdown of what you will get when you pre-order:

Blood & Pudding is $15 plus $5 for shipping.  If you live outside the US shipping is $10.

If you live in NYC shipping is on the K.C.

Along with the signed copy of the book you will receive copied pages from the journals. You may even get a letter or two, perhaps a zine.  I'm also including photos Holly and I took in photobooths, images we took in cemeteries, and other abandonned places, and the image of me and Brian.  All pictured below. Books ship July 15 2010

You can also purchase through the Knickerbocker Circus website.


Blood and Pudding is a story of two psychoneurotic teenage cousins and their troubled relationship. Holly was manic-depressive, hauntingly beautiful, and addicted to heroin. Kat was a young soon-to-be bride and pill junky. They documented their lives furiously and lived recklessly. They had one mission: To live as much as they could in the shortest amount of time. With a double snort of crushed Xanax the journey began.
Blood and Pudding is a scrapbook of two girls dealing with depression, high school, drug addiction, first loves, and untimely death.

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"Our friendship is obsessive and addictive. I need Holly like I need chocolate pudding. I’m obsessed with the closeness. I have never had a friendship this intense, where creativity just flows between us. She asked me not to forget about her. How could I? Blood is thicker than pudding any day."


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