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Killin' It 03: Pratt Institute

Every semester or so I take a trip over to Brooklyn and speak at Pratt Institute.  I'd been talking to my former professor, Rudy Gutierrez a lot and we decided it was that time again.  So I picked up my materials, popped them into a bag, and hopped on my broomstick.  *Voila* Pratt Institute and early too!

First I would like to thank the teachers who allowed their students to drop in on Rudy's class to listen to me speak.  It makes me very happy to know that the teachers are genuinely looking out for the students well-being, when it is so important for them to know the reality of the business and the economy. 

Second I would like to thank the students for being so open and into absorbing what I had to say.  You guys were amazing and it's really refreshing to see a group of talented artists going out into the world with their eyes and ears open.  So thank you for your enthusiasm and thank you for your questions.

My enthusiasm and love of this profession (being a Gypsy of course) was heightened when I received the interview questions back from our Sag/Cap cover artist Dame Darcy. She reiterated almost all that I had to say and added in a few of her own tidbits and advice from her career. For all of you that heard my talk and even for those of you who didn't I highly recommend picking up a copy of the next issue.  Dame Darcy was absolutely brilliant and gave step by step instructions on how to make it.  She really is a phenomenon.

Amanda Palmer, who is on this issues (Libra/Scorpio) cover has been writing amazing blogs about being an artist, asking for money for your art, selling out, and connecting with your audience.  They've been amazing and I really hope everyone reads through this in detail.  AFP is the perfect example of "doing one's thing" with no boundries.

You can find AFP's blog here

I'm taking a break from painting tonight.  A girl can only do so much.  I've got emails to write, events to plan, and tarot readings to tend to.

P.S. Thank you to those of you who gave me little notes, artists names, and your own contact info. I love it!

x to the o,




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Reader Comments (2)

Oh man K, this is phenominal. I am so inspired and get great ideas from your ideas, so Getting to hear you talk would be the BEST! Keep it up my blustery velvet clad broom rider! <3 tis the season! Amanda is great. i feel blessed to be following her on twitter! haha!

October 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterEmma

I am so happy that what I put out there is inspiring others. That's really what this world is about. And it's such an amazing time for creativity too!

October 15, 2009 | Registered CommenterKatelan

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